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Mike Holmgren wants back in the game: Well, that was quick...

Tip of the cap to the folks at Field Gulls for posting this link.  According to the "NFL News Feed" at

Former Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said he has made the decision that he wants to work again and is open to the idea of coaching, but has not made a final decision on whether he will do that or work in a front office somewhere. He said he has not thought through his emotions enough to know exactly what it is he wants to do.

I'd imagine somebody would have gotten this posted as a FanShot or FanPost, so I figured I'd throw it out here first.  While I am fine with Scot McCloughan as GM, I know there are plenty of folks that take great exception to McC.

Obviously he will not be the head coach of the 49ers anytime soon.  If anybody wants to argue for replacing Mike Singletary with Holmgren, I think it's safe to say you'll face quite a bit of mockery.  However, I know there is a horde of folks out there with pitchforks and torches ready to go after Scot McCloughan.

At this point I don't have any direction to point this conversation.  Obviously McCloughan is not going to be fired anytime soon.  He's probably next on the chopping block if things go south this season, but for now his job is safe.  One thing to keep in mind about Holmgren is that Mike Holmgren was canned as GM midway through his tenure with the Seahawks.