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Golden Nuggets: Playing catchup

Our man ninjames is taking care of some business so he'll remain away from the links until this weekend.  I want to make sure we can get folks their daily dose of links so I'll be handling them for now as much as I can.  For now I'm scheduling them the night before to get them up early for our East Coast readers.  Accordingly, they might be a bit light initially, but I'll be coming back in the morning, West Coast time, to get more links added in.  Also, if you see links you think people would like, please post them in the comments.

Also, I'm looking for somebody who might be able to act as a backup for Ninjames when he's busy or just to give him a break every so often from posting the links.  If you're interested in helping out, post something in the comments, or shoot me an email (  On to the links!

Quick reminder from yesterday, the 49ers announced a new team Hall of Fame named after Edward Debartolo, Sr. (Niners Nation)

And if you missed it, check out the YouTube tribute to Joe Nedney by a Titans fan. (Niners Nation)

Maiocco takes a quick rundown of the entire 81-man roster with a short thought on each guy.  Very solid stuff. (

Barrows threw up a quick addition to his uniform release story discussing some details he didn't include: no throwbacks this year and no shadowed numbers or nameplates, among other things. (

The 49ers waived UDFA QB Kirby Freeman.  They had signed him out of Baylor after the draft. (

Michael Robinson sat down for a Q&A with (

Last week 49ers players, coaches and their wives provided a day of pampering to addicted, abused and homeless women at a non-profit recovery program. (

The NFL has a rule that states that aside from the first post-draft minicamp, rookies cannot join their teams until May 15, or until their colleges have held graduation ceremonies, whichever comes later.  The 49ers have their first OTAs next Monday the 18th and based on Sando's info, Bear Pascoe is the only player who won't be at the first OTAs. Bear no like!  Correction: Apparently Bear graduated in December so he'd be eligible. (

Sando's most recent mailbag includes a couple questions about the 49ers. (

A summary of an Alex Smith KNBR interview from last week. (

This is dated info and may have been posted before, but if not, it's some brief details about issues related to a potential Santa Clara stadium. (SJ MercuryNews)

An argument for Nate Davis getting a crack at the #2 QB spot. (

Will the 49ers really be relying on Frank Gore more this year?  Or will it be the running game in generally, meaning more from the backups? (

This is also a dated story, but it's from some 49ers Webzone folks who were at the 49ers draft party.  Also, here's some video from the party. (49ers Webzone)