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Golden Nuggets: OTAs just around the corner

Thanks to tanos135 for posting a link yesterday.  Once again, I encourage people to post links here as they see them.  We want to try and make this your one stop shop for all things 49ers and links are an important part of that.  Either way, I'll hopefully have some more later in the comments if I can find anything.

Our man tanos135 posted a good link as a FanShot, but I wanted to include it here as well.  Barrows posted that the first OTAs coming up next week will be open to the media.  They've been closed to the media in the past, so this means we should have a whole ton of linkage next week. (

Maiocco posted about the numerous players, coaches and others who will likely end up in the 49ers new Hall of Fame in the coming years. (

Sando's newest mailbag with a mix of NFC West questions.  Always good to know about your divisional rivals and Sando's blog is solid for that. (

One guy who predicted the Seahawks demise last year, thinks they'll have a revival this year.  Interesting indeed.  Anybody buy it? (

Sando picks Alex Smith as the veteran most on the hot seat in the NFC West, just ahead of Marc Bulger.  Among the 49ers he also mentions Mark Roman and Arnaz Battle. (

Quick hits with OT Alex Boone. (

This is a bit odd.  Jimmy Raye as Uncle Fester? (

Non-49ers piece: Ex-NFL receivers pick dream QBs, overrated receivers and others. (

Jimmy Raye is apparently one of six offensive coordinators under fire this season. (

I'll pull this out as a separate post later today so everybody gets to see it. The 49ers will be opening up Candlestick for people to take a locker room tour, check out potential season tickets, and most importantly, everybody in attendance will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of 2009 season tickets. (

A new 49ers blog out there.  I almost mistook his name for a Menendez brother.  Try not to do the same!  This site is part of something called the Fan Sided network.  Not sure of the quality level yet, but we'll keep an eye out. (