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Golden Nuggets: Bleacher Report anybody?

Completely unrelated to anything, but I've got one last final this year tomorrow morning at 9am.  After that I'll be done with year 2 of law school.  Seeing as I finish my exam at noon, it's safe to say I could be passed out by 3pm.  Goooooood times.

Also, some questions for you guys about towards the end of the links.  Let me know your thoughts.

We had our post about the McKillop/RJF signings, but Maiocco, Barrows and Sando had them as well. (Multiple Sources)

We had a similar story by Pro Football Weekly, Pro Football Talk, the SF Chronicle, and of course (Multiple Sources)

Throughout the offseason, will be checking in with members of the "10-year Club," players who spent 10+ seasons with the club.  This week it's on Harris Barton. (

This article is ESPN Insider from Football Outsiders about 10 teams with remaining unfilled needs.  For those without Insider access, the 49ers are listed first for the position of QB.  It says:

1. San Francisco 49ers: Quarterback

The last time San Francisco had a quarterback accrue positive DYAR with more than 100 passes thrown is 2003; since then, they've had the worst quarterback in the league by DYAR in 2005 (Alex Smith), 2007 (Trent Dilfer, with Smith in second-to-last) and 2008 (J.T. O'Sullivan). While Shaun Hill was better than O'Sullivan, his DVOA was 28th in the league, at minus-2.8 percent. San Francisco struck out on Kurt Warner and added only aging Damon Huard (-54.7% DVOA last year) and developmental prospect Nate Davis this offseason, leaving Hill as the starter by default.

Mike Sando had a chat session (full transcript) about the NFC West yesterday.  Feel free to browse the entire transcript, but he also pulled out some of the issues he thought were worth more discussion. (

The 49ers Examiner discusses the Manny Lawson weight gain issue.  I'll reserve judgment until Lawson shows up to camp. (

An article from last week about the NFL QB situations.  Might have been posted before, but here it is if not. (

How many folks here read stuff over at Bleacher Report?  I don't read much over there, but as this is a slow news day, I thought I'd post some of their content.  Let me know what you think:

An article bowing down to the greatness of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers. (Bleacher Report)

Would you qualify Mike Singletary as the "heart and soul of the San Francisco 49ers?" (Bleacher Report)

Missing Pieces of the 49ers Playoff Puzzle. (Bleacher Report)

Again, I'd love to hear in the comments what people think of the Bleacher Report posts.  Should we try to keep linking to them?  Not worth your time?