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Golden Nuggets: Offseason silence....

I believe James will be back to handle the Golden Nuggets starting tomorrow.  If not, I'll be back again.  For those who emailed about helping with the Nuggets, I'll get back to you next week once things have settled down for me.

Also, thanks for the thoughts on Bleacher Report.  I'm perfectly fine with keeping them out of the Nuggets going forward. does a Quick Hits Q&A with new QB Nate Davis. (

Sando makes an argument for why it was smart to trade away the 2nd round pick.  He looks at current projected starters from 2nd and 3rd round picks heading into 2009. (

Sando also has an in-depth single question mailbag discussing the incentives for agents and players with new deals. (

Josh Morgan is listed here as a second-year offensive player on the spot.  I could see how adding Crabtree would add some pressure to Morgan to step up.  Even as a 6th round pick, the hype train is going full force with him. (

I found these videos (part 1 and part 2) offering 2008 seaosn highlights. (

The 49ers Examiner asks who will be the next in the line of great 49ers QBs. (

Given that it's a Saturday, there's not a whole lot much else out there.  We'll have some stretches like this where there are not a lot of links, so I was wondering if people had suggestions for other links to include (if any at all) aside from 49ers news?  Also, are there are other 49ers blogs you'd like to see links to if they get new info?  I try and hit some up each day, but many are rather quiet in the offseason.