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Golden Nuggets: Lazy Sunday

It doesn't get much slower than today in terms of 49ers links.  For those who don't live in San Francisco, today is Bay to Breakers.  It's definitely the craziest foot race you'll find just about anywhere, at least in America.  There will be folks dressed in a variety of odd costumes.  One of my favorites are the folks dressed as salmon who start at the end of the race and go against the current to the beginning.  I've run it three of the last four years and drank it another year, but after my Saturday final, I'm sleeping in on Sunday (thus scheduling this post).

This is an updated link (posted before) from Maiocco mentioning how Jeff Ulbrich accepted almost a $1.3 million pay reduction to stick around.  Shows the 49ers appreciate his special teams and backup abilities. (

Some discussion about Glen Coffee in the 49ers meat and potato offense, along with asorted other tidbits. (

So what's the lamest thing you've done instead of watching the Super Bowl or other important game?  Sando gets the discussion going following an interesting Tweet from Matt Hasselbeck.  I'd really need to think that one over. (

Non-49ers: Delaware's governor signed a bill permitting sports wagering at the state’s three racetracks into law on Thursday.  The NFL is already trying to fight the bill.  I find that highly amusing given how sports gambling has helped the NFL reach the level it has at this point.  That and the fact that Internet gambling should be a much bigger issue for the NFL than legalized gambling in a state. (Pro Football Weekly)

An interesting article at PFW regarding Delaware's first attempt at legalized sports gambling. (Pro Football Weekly)

Rookies who should be ready to step up right out of the gate.  Yes, Michael Crabtree is one of them. (Pro Football Weekly)