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Golden Nuggets: Low Risk, High Reward

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. I'm, once again, in a bit of a hurry but its not so bad this time, so I should have plenty of links so long as they're out there. MInicamp just began, Crabtree didn't partake because of the stress fracture, but he was around. The big (no pun intended) thing on my mind as of late is OT Alex Boone. This guy seems like a monster, he's had some off the field issues and the 49ers are taking a low-risk high-reward approach with the kid, and I hope he does great. I want to see some more tape of the guy, he seems to dominate in the running game and that's good.. Plus he's huge! Still steaming about HB Thomas Clayton though.. Anyway, here's some links.

Some of the more.. troubled rookies are glad to have Singletary. (

Here's a bit more on that from Maiocco. (

Here's a bit about the rookie minicamp. (

Aaand yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

So the general consensus here on NN is that trading for Peppers would be a bad move--still doesn't stop the articles from popping up. (

McCloughan says no discussions have been made with either Peppers or Suggs from the Ravens. (

So who's going to end up being our starting QB? I'm a Hill guy, I'll defend him to the end, but if Smith has some unGodly performance I'll consider the guy. Not like I make the decision. (

Crabtree is a good fit for the 49ers.. well, he'd better be, anyway. (

A bit about rookie RB Glen Coffee. I have to admit, I'm going to look at these guys with a fair amount of spite until they show me they're better than Thomas Clayton... and even then, I'll till probably say "Well Clayton could've..." shutup, I'm a fan, k? (