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Golden Nuggets: Finally Back

Good morning folks, James here. Its been awhile since I last did one of these--I've had a pretty eventful couple of days/weeks I suppose. First there was a lot of issues and then, more recently, some very good things happened but either way--I'm pretty relieved to be back and handling the Nuggets. Now, I'll do my best to avoid links that may have been posted already but I will just be covering things posted lately. I've been pretty...away from 49ers news lately, so I honestly have no idea what's been going on. I'm assuming I have a good amount of links for you, but who knows at the moment! Either way, glad to be back, and enjoy your links!

Frank Gore seems willing to give up a few carries--this is good, we know he's not stingy and he understands the bigger picture in all this. (

Of course, he wouldn't hate it if he got the ball the whole time, either. (

For once I'm legitimately interested in the stadium situation. (

Though a lot of people think it may be very close to being complete. (

Two players got hurt in OTAs, one being CB Walt Harris. (

Alex Smith seems to be very critical of Isaac Bruce for not showing up to OTAs. (

The defense is looking strong--this is good, I cant imagine us being very good without a great defense next season. (

Maiocco has some answers and opinions on some common 49ers issues at the moment. (

Barrows has some observations from the OTAs. (

The 49ers are 0-1... uh.. what? Well, just read this. (

The 49ers certainly have depth at receiver. Though I fear my favorite, Zeigler, wont ever get his chance on the current chart. Who knows? (