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NFL and Comcast come to terms, agree to 10-year deal

After a whole lot of sabre-rattling, the NFL and Comcast finally came to terms on a new television deal.  There had been concerns that the NFL Network would simply be removed from Comcast, but thankfully that is not going to happen.  I realize a lot of folks have other cable and/or satellite options, but for those of us stuck with Comcast, this is huge news.  The two sides had taken legal action before the FCC and in New York state court, so this ends that whole battle.

Under the terms of the new deal, the NFL Network will be removed from Comcast's Sports Entertainment Package (which costs $4.99 extra per month) and placed in their Digital Classic level of service beginning approximately August 1, just in time for training camp and the preseason.  What is particular interesting in this deal is that Comcast customers will now have access to NFL content On Demand, including game highlights, game replays, the "best" of NFL Films, players and coaches interviews, local team highlights, and other NFL programming at the press of a button (or two).  Additionally, the NFL included access to DirecTV's Red Zone Channel, a part of the Sunday Ticket satellite package with live look-ins to games when teams are inside the 20-yard line.

For me, I just had Comcast remove the sports entertainment package.  It is somewhat useful during college basketball season, but the rest of the year it really has no value for me.  Of course that is one of the reasons Comcast wanted to keep it on their sports entertainment package.  Of course, whatever Comcast loses in the sports package revenue, they'll gain with people upgrading from the Digital Starter level of service to the more expensive Digital Classic package.  And for those with Digital Preferred, that does include the Classic stuff, so you're covered.