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Golden Nuggets: The Injuries Begin!

Morning folks, James here. Settling back in and what not for the Nuggets. Its getting hard to adjust to being up at the correct time again, but I'm sure I'll manage. I don't have a ton of links today, but there's some, so whatever, just read 'em. I'm surprised about Walt Harris though, that sucks for him but honestly I wanted Tarell Brown to have every chance he can to succeed, and now maybe he can. Hopefully we'll see him out there making plays in Harris' absense (providing there is any, of course.) So without nattering on, here's your links for the day--enjoy.

As said before, CB Walt Harris is injured, maybe for the entirety of next season. (

The team seems eager to test the free agent market for a replacement as well. (

That replacement may come in the form of Dre' Bly. I'm not sure how I feel about the move, he's a very good corner, or maybe.. he was a very good corner. Its uncertain just how much he has in the tank, seeing as how nobody else has picked him up. (

Jerry Rice visted the 49ers during OTAs and spoke to the team. Funny, I sort of figured ultimate-motivator wouldn't let anyone else speak to the team, lest his mentality be diverted. (

A few more looks at the options at CB along with more observations of the OTAs. Vernon Davis, huh? (

And some observations from Maiocco. (

Do the 49ers have a playoff offense? Is Frank Gore enough to lead us there on the ground? (