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ESPN Early Summer NFL Power Rankings

Over at ESPN they're working on composite NFL power rankings, scheduled to run at some point next week.  In the meantime, Mike Sando spent the last couple days working on what he would submit for the rankings.  I'm running around a bit today so I wanted to at least get this up for people's thoughts on what he's submitted for the rankings.

7. Arizona Cardinals
19. San Francisco 49ers
20. Seattle Seahawks
29. St. Louis Rams

In his discussion of the 49ers he pointed out how the QB situation has dragged the team down in terms of national perception.  He felt his vote was more a show of respect to Shaun Hill.

I'm curious to see where the composite leaves the 49ers next Tuesday.  In the meantime, thoughts on these rankings?  Given the potentially shaky running game down in Arizona, are the Cardinals overrated here?  I realize they could end up with a very solid running game, but they're still rolling the dice with youngsters.

The Rams position near the bottom is no surprise.  However, the 49ers and Seahawks being so close would indicate a toss-up and the fact that he's unsure what will happen with those two.  He raised a good question about the Seahawks: Was it just one bad season for an otherwise decent team, or was it the beginning of the end?