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Golden Nuggets: So Bly it is, then.

Good morning to all, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Hope everyone is doing good, we've got a bit of news today but the links will likely be kept to a minimum so as not to run-on with the same thing over and over. So Walt Harris out, Dre Bly in. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing, Harris was always consistent, never seemed to be a burden on the defense, but then again Bly shouldn't be a bad replacement. I do hope that he has to battle and win the position though, I feel like Tarell Brown would give him a run for his money, though I think Shawntae Spencer is more of a "support" guy. Either way I've got some links, enjoy and all that good stuff.

So yes, the 49ers signed CB Dre Bly after Walt Harris went down. (

Here's a bit from a conference call with him. (

Here's some news and notes from the final OTA yesterday. (

And a bit on that conclusion from the official website here. (

Singletary is very clearly in charge--he's setting the pace, the tone, just about everything. If we were to make it through this with a winning season by sheer concentrated power of will, it'd be because of Singletary, that's for sure. (

So what do you think about Michael Vick? Yeah, this had to start again. (

The 49ers are not ruling the possibility out, of course. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. Ahh, I remember when I was linking you to Nolan's Notebook.. it was an otherwordly place of unanswered questions and false hope. (

Here's a bit more on the stadium plans.. I'm a bit sad its in Santa Clara, to be honest. (

McCloughan is doubtful on Vick, but he's not ruling him out, either. Much like Singletary. (

McCloughan has some breathing room now--he's comfortable with the roster and he's apparently not scared of losing his job. (