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Caption This: Vernon Davis at OTAs

So, the winner for our last caption contest is after the jump.  For this next one, I couldn't center the photo so we're rolling it to the side here.  In the OTA post yesterday, I pointed some of Barrows' comments about the Duke, Vernon Davis.  He's a physical specimen with amazing athletic ability.  He has struggled in turning the corner and becoming a consistent threat.  However, there is clearly a lot of talent there.

So, consider this an open thread to throw out the perfect caption for this photo of Vernon Davis with his hair flowing in the wind.

Also, if you want to check out some other photos from the OTAs, scroll over the Davis picture.  There aren't a ton, but certainly a few to check out.  I'm really excited for the season to start and we're getting all sorts of photos available for posting.


"Dang, Erin Andrews is over there interviewing Crabtree…Oh man, would love to get 1 on 1 with her."

I didn't vote for this one, but I'm not surprised it got a lot of votes.  The Wolverine caption came in second, and I voted for the playoff beard option.