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Golden Nuggets: Go Lawson!

Good morning everyone, checking in again with your Nuggets for the day. Happy to say that I'm on time tonight, rather than being an hour late as per yesterday's article. I have even less links today though, I'm sorry to say. But I do have some interesting ones, most noteably the first one I'll be posting about LB Manny Lawson. Why is it interesting? Well mostly because Lawson is an interesting prospect in that we've never given him a direct job. I really hope that he'll come into his own though, the 49ers need him to produce and who knows what will happen under Singletary? Regardless, here's the few links I have, though I'll do my best to update sometime tomorrow morning. Enjoy.

Manny Lawson has a clear-cut role going into the season--he's a pass rusher. (

So what's next for the 49ers' stadium plans? (

Some things are of course, up to the voters, however. I really am not paying too much attention to all of this, I don't know why but I just don't care about a stadium. (

So if not the NFL, where should Vick play? Yeah, another Vick article, big deal. (

Catching up with Vernon Davis. This, to me, is his last season to prove himself before I deem him a bust. I also wonder what it'd be like to have his brother playing on the team.. Hm.. (

Alex Smith is, once again, starting over. In more ways than one. I'll say it right now, I think Alex Smith has no future on the 49ers. None at all. (