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Golden Nuggets: Focus

Good morning everyone, James here with your links for the day. You may have noticed an absense of links yesterday, well that was simply because, well... There wasn't anything for me to link to. I was up and ready about 3:30 AM and I couldn't find anything. I'm giving it a more thorough search tonight, so hopefully I can come up with something interesting to link to. What I can see right off the bat is one or two, but hopefully I'll have more as the day progresses. Either way, here's what I have.

Oh, if only this article were true. In a perfect world Vernon Davis would come in and produce like never before under Raye. Will he end up being a sleeper? Will he come out of nowhere and impress? We'll see. (

A look at WR, mostly Josh Morgan and Michael Crabtree. I like the thought of both being on the field at once. Am I the only one though, who feels like Crabtree either isn't happy with his situation, or just...doesn't enjoy the game of football? There's a Q&A, one thing I also kind of doubt is his intelligence. He never seems to answer any question or give anything much thought, and per earlier question and answer sessions, I get the feeling he really knows nothing about the 49ers organization. Its just scaring me a bit. (

A bit more on that. I hope he can focus, I really do. (

That's all I have for now.