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Golden Nuggets: Augh, no links..

Gooooood morning, James here. You know what's hard? Coming up with ways to stretch this opening paragraph quite a ways. No really, I always feel like I'm rambling and that its uninteresting to read. I have almost nothing to talk about which is football related, which is weird. I'm just.. waiting, waiting for the season to begin so I can be obsessive even more. As far as links go, we're in the middle of a no-news spree, so tonce again they'll be short, as is my intro. Still, enjoy the links I have.

What's going on with the 49ers right now? Not much, to be honest. (

Here's a rookie camp diary with LB Scott McKillop. I'm always interested in these things--they're fun to read. (

Maybe I'm getting bad at what I do, but I just cant find anything else worth posting right now.