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2009 Roster Projections: Quarterbacks

This past week has seen a lot of discussion about the non-49ers QB with the 4-letter last name. I'm at a point where I just refuse to say his name anymore. I bring this up now though, not to open that can of worms any further. Rather, I'm curious about people's thoughts on the battle for the 3rd QB spot and potential practice squad implications. To this point, we've discussed wide receivers, cornerbacks, the offensive line, running backs and the defensive line.

Shaun Hill, Alex Smith

Nate Davis, Damon Huard

There has been a very divided group of folks when it comes to Nate Davis. Some are convinced the 49ers will place him on the practice squad. Others, like myself, think that is entirely unlikely. I'm so convinced of it that if not for the debate that's gone on, I'd place Nate Davis in the lock category. I'm that convinced that there's no way the 49ers put him on the practice squad.

Looking at the four quarterbacks currently on the roster, it's tough to see any reason Damon Huard sticks around past training camp. He's 35 years old and while he's a serviceable backup, I don't see why the 49ers would want him even as an emergency #3. The only possible reason is if you think both Hill and Smith will get injured. And I don't think you can make personnel moves based on losing your two primary quarterbacks to injury. If both guys went down I don't think they'd dump Davis into the starting role, but rather they could find somebody just as below average as Damon Huard as an in-season free agent.

As for Nate Davis, even if he managed to clear waivers (necessary to go to the practice squad), any other team could sign him to their 53-man roster. I realize a lot of teams passed on Davis in the draft, but given some of the QB situations around the league, I could see somebody taking a flyer on Davis. It'd be inexpensive to sign him and you can't tell me there aren't a few teams where he'd very likely be better than, or at least have more upside than, one of those teams' third QB.

For those that think he'll go to the 49ers practice squad, is there a particular reason you think other teams wouldn't try and either claim him off waivers or sign him from the 49ers practice squad? Am I overvaluing Davis?