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Golden Nuggets: Ziggy all the Way!

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. We're smack in the middle of a draught--there's very little links to be had and thusly I have nothing to really discuss in my intros and, obviously, not a ton to link you to. There is however, an article about my favorite WR currently on the 49ers, Dominique Zeigler. What can I say? I like the kid. I'm going to get right to the links, but keep in mind there isn't much. Enjoyyy.

A deeper look at WR Dominique Zeigler. Don't sleep on this guy, he's shown flashes of brilliance, and personally I hope he gets a roster spot in place of say.. Arnaz Battle? (

Yorks receive humanitarian award. Not really much for news here, I suppose. (

Hey, we've got um... kind of a bit of news? Focusing on Mark Roman. Funny, I forgot the guy existed. No, really, I did. I'm very happy regardless of what he does, as long as he isn't our starter going into the season. Hey, the guys got great tastes in music (see: videos on official website) and a solid taste in music, but beyond that, he's a terrible playmaker. (

Again a lack of articles, I apologize.