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Madden 10: Top 10 "Athletes"

ProfessorBigelow's Note: Thanks to  larryallenseawolf for getting this link up in the Nuggets this morning; hugs and hand-pounds all around for diving on this, but because of the multitude of Madden-freaks that visit this site, it definately deserves its own post...

Two days ago, EA Sports released the stats for the top 10 players by position in the upcoming "Madden 10" video game. When looking at the list, there are the ones we expect (P. Manning and Brady at the top of the QB list), and those we expect, but are still surprised about (Fitzgerald is number one, not surprising; but the 99 in four of the six WR categories, and a 98 in another is just unreal). Nothing should really surprise us here; it should reflect the best players from last season, which it does.

Which leads us to the first question I thought of when seeing this list, and what you should be thinking now; any 49ers on the lists? But of course! Who else but Bamm Bamm himself, and the cornerstone of our offense, Mr. Frank Gore. P. Willie is 5th on the top ten list of all defensive players, even though he is a 98 overall (there were four players tied at 99 - Nnamdi Asomugha, Albert Haynesworth, Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu), and Gore is 8th on the running backs list with a 91 overall rating (behind Peterson, Turner, LT, Westbrook, DeAngelo Williams, Clinton Portis, and Steven Jackson).

So the question, or discussion, I pose to you this afternoon Nation, is what do you think of these top-ten athletes according to Madden? Are Gore and Willis properly represented on these lists? Is there anyone that has been unfairly left off the list/rated too highly (be it 49er or other player)?