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Golden Nuggets: Who will it be?

Morning everyone, James here.For once I'm not in a hurry, just reading some articles, hanging out, all that good stuff. All I can think about right now is the 49ers, like honestly. I try and think about something else, it doesn't work. What's for dinner later becomes "How will Crabtree work out?"What will I do tomorrow becomes "You will sit on the computer and refresh NFL blogs." Its a killer, but I love it. Right now, the topic that'll stick with me through the preseason I imagine is... who's our starting quarterback? We did this last season and it was horrible, not to mention what ended up happening. Either way, its nagging at my brain and I wish I could just find out already who its going to be. I expect to have some articles on the matter as well. Enjoy your links.

Here's a few notes from the final day of minicamp. (

OC Jimmy Raye wants to see the quarterbacks in game before he makes the call on who's the starter. (

A bit more on the competition at quarterback. (

Raye wants a balanced offense, not run-oriented, not pass-oriented, the only constant being toughness and physicality. (

Raye seems to be handling the QB competition much more... much more... something, than Martz did. Take that nonsensical phrase how you will. (

A look at the practice from the official website. (

Mangini wishes Crabtree luck. I honestly don't know what I think about this guy. (

Bear Pascoe--he will be something. I know it. What exactly..? I'm not too sure. (

Lets do this Manny Lawson, step your game up. You're one of my favorite 49ers, I really hope you know how to rush the passer. (