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The 49ers gettin no respect, no respect I tell ya!

ESPN put together their May power rankings, as many teams have completed their initial offseason training activities (thanks to Bob On The Coast).  In looking over the rankings, I have to say I'm a bit surprised.  I realize it's all just journalists throwing out their ideas, but it still has me thinking.

The 49ers are ranked 26th ahead of Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Kansas City, Oakland, St. Louis and Detroit.  Ahead of the 49ers? Denver, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Seattle, Buffalo, NY Jets, and the Redskins, among many others.

Really?  I'm about to head to bed, but I figured I'd at least throw open some conversation on this one.  I think Cincinnati is a really tough one to call given the talent and the poor performance lately.  Do they bounce back?  Personally I think the 49ers are much better than some of those teams ahead of them.  Is a Kyle Orton-led Broncos squad better than the 49ers?