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Golden Nuggets: Stadium Plans.. Finally?

Good morning all, James here with your Nuggets for today. I'm getting this up a bit later than usual but I doubt anyone will notice, so moving on... We've got a new stadium plan, and I couldn't be less excited. Number one, I don't like that its not in San Francisco. Number two, its not football news so much in that I cant see somebody hit somebody else really hard, or even speculate on it when we're talking about something like uniforms and stadiums! That being said though, if I were someone who cared I suppose I'd be glad we finally have a deal in the works and speculation can come to a rather needed close. Not sure how many articles I have today, but we'll find out. Enjoy.

Yes, a new deal is complete (for the most part) for a new stadium. (

Here's more on what happens and what needs to happen for it here on the official website. (

Are the 49ers urgent and panicky about signing their rookie draft picks, or does Singletary just not like waiting? All I know is Michael Crabtree better not hold out. (

A Q&A with S Curtis Taylor. (

Catching up with some old 49ers and their charities. (

Only three of the 49ers picks remain unsigned. (

Gore wants to return to Miami. Well, I hope he gets there, really! (

The rookies are getting a taste of the offseason workouts. (

Can the 49ers get better? I friggin hope so. (