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What say you Jimmy Raye: Plotting out the 49ers offense in the red zone

One of the biggest conundrums heading into the 2009 season is what the Jimmy Raye/Mike Singletary offense will look like.  We hear primarily about some kind of power running game.  However, we've also heard about Vernon Davis' potential development in the offense.

"(Raye) told me the tight end is the focal point," Davis said. "He said he wants to get his playmakers involved." Davis also spoke to Tony Gonzalez, who Raye coached in Kansas City. "(Tony) said Jimmy would take care of me and make sure I would get the ball," Davis said.

This was post was inspired in part by a Field Gulls post.  The post discussed tight end usage on the goal line and pointed to an old Football Outsiders article discussing tight end goal line passes.  As much of a speedster as Vernon Davis can be, I've always felt he could and should be a huge weapon down in the red zone.

The 49ers head into the 2009 season with a plethora of potential red zone weapons.  I'm curious if anybody thinks a specific person will step up as the ideal red zone thread.  The addition of Michael Crabtree certainly adds another guy to the mix.  However, I'm wondering if Bear Pascoe could develop into a red zone threat.  He stands 6-5, 257 lbs.  That's a whole lotta Bear.  I know some folks are especially excited about Bear, but I'm certainly willing to temper my own enthusiasm.  At the same time, as they say, you can't teach 6-5. 

The 49ers were rather awful in the red zone last year.  According to FO the 49ers ranked 30th in overall red zone DVOA, 31st in red zone passing and 29th in red zone rushing.  If the 49ers are going to make a run at a winning record, this is one area on offense they'll logically have to improve upon.  Adding weapons helps, but now we need to see how Jimmy Raye schemes for these situations.