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Niners Nation State of the Franchise - May, 2009

So now that draft talks are officially dead, and the weekend rookie mini-camps are completed, we enter the doldrums of the NFL off-season. Save for one or two remaining free-agency signings, we as NFL fans will be low on news and updates until training camp begins. Personally, I believe that the Niners are done this off-season, and are content going into training camp as they are, so what a better time to ask the Nation about their opinion on the State of the 49ers Franchise.

Some of you may remember the State of the Franchise press conference taking place in mid-February of this year. However, many things have changed since then, from free-agency signings, to new uniforms, to an active (and at times, surprising) draft. Now, I believe the Niners as a franchise can be given a better assessment, judging them based off of how the GM worked free-agency and the Draft, how Sing has handled the spotlight, and how 49ers (both new and old) have reacted to the activity.

So here is the discussion I throw to you Nation: In 1 paragraph or less (that’s 4-5 sentences) give your assessment of the State of the Franchise. Grade them however you want; draft, uniforms, whatever. I want to know how you, as a Niner fan, feel the team has done this off-season, and their prospects for the upcoming 2009 season. Include any Nostradamus-like predictions if you want, vent your frustrations if you have them, or get on your knees for Crabtree, just let it out.