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Character Issues: Should the Niners be concerned?

One point that several individuals on this site and at other sites have noticed is the fact that the Niners have been bringing in rookies and retaining players that have potential “character issues”. Most recently, Aaron Wilson at posted this article noting the Niners willingness to take risks on potential talents.

Below is a list of some of the new and notable players on the Niners roster that have “character issues”: 

Alex Boone – Arrested (and tazed) for having a blood alcohol content “at least three times the legal limit” after running from the cops, jumping on cars, and hiding under patios. He is currently in AA, attempting to get clean and sober. (This guy even generated his own discussion that eventually morphed into a discussion on alcoholism)

Glen Coffee – Suspended four games in 2007 for taking part in a university-wide textbook scandal. Hasn’t gotten in trouble since.  

Ricky Jean-Francois - Suspended for a full year for allegations of academic cheating at LSU. Has also made comments about “taking out” Florida QB Tim Tebow prior to this past year’s LSU-Florida match-up. RJF insists he is not a cheater.

Kory Sheets – Did not have the best relationship with his coaching staff. We’ve heard a ton about this guy recently (here, and here).  

Michael Crabtree – According to Mangini (and Subway), he’s a diva. Also there is the whole Oscar thing, which is less of a personal character issue, and more of an imaginary character issue.

So what do you think about the character issues with these rookies? Will Singletary be able to handle all of these personalities (in addition to the ones on the roster)? Is this a bigger deal than people are making it out to be?