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Mike Sando chat wrap: 49ers Q&A

Mike Sando just wrapped up a Q&A that had a decent number of 49ers related questions.  I thought I'd post a few of the questions and responses with some quick thoughts of my own.  Obviously some of the answers won't suffice for some folks, but it's at least one more angle on the issues:

Mike (S.F.) : Hey Sando, why don't the Niners go get Julius Peppers from Carolina? We got plenty of cap room and future draft picks. With him and Parys Harylson rushing opposing QBs and Patrick Willis taking care of the middle of the field, we could have a very good defense don't you think?

SportsNation Mike Sando: Is it a given that Peppers would fit what the 49ers are looking for in terms of the 3-4 scheme and in terms of the Singletary mentality? If you're going to give up a first-round pick and enough cash to single out Peppers as the defensive cornerstone, you'd better be sure the fit is perfect all the way around. I'm not sure it is.

I think this is something many folks agree with.  At least the folks who are not as high on Peppers.  I personally agree with the point, but I know some of you think I'm nuts on that point.

Steve (S.F.): Hey Sando, BIG NINER FAN! I love the Crabtree pick, but, I like the Glen Coffee pick even better! Singeltary wants to run a power running game, and this guy was 2nd in the country to Knowshon Moreno in rushing yards. Do you see him getting plenty of carries and the Niners running a "Steeler like offense" POWER RUNNING?

SportsNation Mike Sando: I love the pick for what it might do to Frank Gore. Gore is already a physical, punishing runner and a much tougher tackle than you'd ever guess just looking at his size. I think the Coffee addition will help keep Gore fresh and give Gore even more incentive to run with a vengeance. Taking a running back that early suggests the 49ers plan to play him (although the Seahawks did not play Maurice Morris much after drafting him in the second round).

I'm not 100% sold on Coffee just because I still don't know enough about him.  However, I do like what I've seen and read so far.  I'm anxious to see what he does on the field this summer and into the season.  Maybe it won't work out, but I think he'll get every chance to succeed here.

Scott (new orleans, La): Will the niners O line be able to hold up for a season? You think we could go after Levi Jones to compete with Marvel Smith?

SportsNation Mike Sando: The 49ers do not need two veteran tackles with injury concerns. I see the 49ers starting more than one player at right tackle this season, to answer your question.

This reiterates my own belief that the team won't pursue Levi Jones.  If he'd been released earlier in free agency, before the 49ers signed Marvel Smith, maybe it would have happened.  Now?  Not so much.