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The Fooch 49ers Philosophy

Every so often I like to throw out my own fan philosophy when it comes to the 49ers. It's been a while since I last explained it, but with all the new readers since the end of the season, now seemed as good a time as any. There has been a lot of intense debate between the blind devotees and the less optimistic folks. If you haven't been reading the site that long, it might help to know where I'm coming from to better understand what I put out there for everybody.

As a fan, I like to think of myself as an optimistic realist. Or maybe it's realistic optimist. I'm really not sure how much of a difference there is. I do recognize that the team has problems. I don't say it all the time, but I realize the pass rush has some issues. I do realize the QB situation is far from ideal. I do realize the secondary could use some help. And I do realize the offensive line is a potential question mark.

However, I also prefer to look at all things 49ers in the most positive light. For example, the offensive line: Obviously the line has struggled in the past with injuries and Marvel Smith is not exactly helping things. However, I'd like to think that we do have some decent backups in Adam Snyder and Barry Sims. People complain about them, but as backups, I really don't see them as being all that awful.

Or, the secondary. Yes there are big question marks at free safety. Dashon Goldson hasn't proven he can stay healthy and they don't have much experience backing him up, aside from Mark Roman. I recognize this, but given the situation I'm willing to believe the team wants to give Goldson every possible chance.

Now this might come across as sticking my head in the sand. However, I view it as accepting the situation and looking at the bright side of it. I'm not saying anybody else has to accept things as they are. People can scream until the cows come home. It doesn't make you any less of a fan to complain about the team.

However, I figure the situation is what it is and life's too short to be pessimistic. Now I'm not saying I think the team will go 12-4, win the division and make a Super Bowl run. There's a difference between optimist and just plain fool. If that did happen obviously I'd be ecstatic, but I do have some sense of reality. At the same time, I do think they'll win 7-10 games.

As I mentioned somewhere else, I think this team will be competitive in almost all of their games and have a chance to win a good deal of them. Whether they do or not is something I can't control. I'd rather enjoy the ride and even if it leads to disappointment, that's just the way life is.

So, how do you view yourself? Optimist, pessimist, realist? In the poll I'm going with optimist. Feel free to discuss your philosophy as a 49ers fan.