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It's a Michael Crabtree kind of day

I received a new Michael Crabtree Subway video posted below, but actually had a question unrelated to the video first. 

Over at Pro Football Talk, they wrapped up their NFL draft divisional recaps by covering the NFC West.  In discussing Michael Crabtree, PFT said:

The last time a receiver unexpectedly slid to the 49ers in round one, he only ended up being the greatest NFL player of all time.  Michael Crabtree has a lot of work to do to justify any additional comparisons to Jerry Rice.  Crabtree provides the ultimate boom or bust proposition — there’s no in between.  He’ll either be great, or he’ll be wearing a red vest and stocking DVDs in three years.

Do people see that as true?  Crabtree could certainly prove to be a big-time bust and many folks think he could be a star.  However, is there really no in between?  Of course, Florio could just be saying that to get a rise out of folks, but who knows.

As for the video below, it's five random facts about Crabtree, although reality some aren't true and of the ones that are?  Well, they're rather bizarre.  This video is definitely a bit odd overall in my opinion.  I think drummer will appreciate this particular video though.  It took me a minute to figure it out, but the first fact mentioned is Crabtree's favorite Subway meal.  Who knows, maybe it was his latest meal.