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Golden Nuggets: Intensity

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Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. There was a redesign for the forms I use to write these every day and now the input field is... much wider. Before, I used to measure the length for these opening paragraphs by how it wraps around the image of the casino but now I have no idea how much to write! Either way... I don't seem to have very many articles for you today, most of them will be about the stadium. I'll see what I can find. If there's not much I'll try and get on and update if possible. Enjoy.

Is Singletary's intensity enough to bring this team back to its former glory? This article gives a lot of opinions and is more or less a "state of the team" as of right now. (

This, of course, has to be brought up again. What do you think about the 49ers sharing a stadium? Personally I don't think much of it, especially with the Raiders. I hope it doesn't happen. (

The 49ers stadium plans are very.. complex. Not everyone in Santa Clara particularly understands what money is going where. (

So what happens if the 49ers cant come up with the 800 million dollars or so needed to complete the stadium plans. (

Just those four for now, folks.