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Isaac Bruce to participate in June 1-2 OTAs

This isn't exactly the biggest piece of news to cross the newswire, but it still bears passing along.  According to Mike Sando, Isaac Bruce will be taking part in today and tomorrow's voluntary workouts.  As a veteran, Bruce has been given the opportunity to skip the voluntary workouts.

While it's only a couple days of workouts, any additional time a player can get in the new offense has to be considered a good thing.  Additionally, there is the question of getting in sync with your QB as part of that new offense.  While there were plenty of practice opportunities inseason with Hill, last offseason saw Bruce mostly working with J.T. O'Sullivan.  Anything that will help the QB-WR chemistry this offseason is a good thing.

And there is of course the in-person dealings Bruce can have with the younger players.  We'll see plenty of it in training camp, but OTAs seem to provide a better low-stress opportunity for this kind of thing.