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Caption This: VD Winner and P. Willi Qualifying

Hey Nation. I'm not going to take too much of your time, because you all should be reading Fooch's incdredible interview with Jed York seen right below this post. Fresh off of our most recent Caption This voting round, we got a new Caption This contest photo for you, so flex those creativity muscles, because this one will require a bit of imagination to be the best. Come up with the best caption for the picture of Coach Singletary and Patrick Willis above, and remember, post your entry for the caption contest, and vote by clicking the Rec button under your favorite captions; the best will make it to the voting round, of course.

Check out the winning caption from last week after the jump, then go read the Jed York interview. Do it!



"Not pictured: The other half of Milli Vanilli"


Pictured here: The other half of Milli Vanilli (thanks 10forTech)