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Golden Nuggets: Thoughts for the downtime?

We have yet another day of next to nothing in terms of links.  I decided to mix in some additional non-49ers links that you might find interesting...or maybe not.  Things will likely pick up over the next couple of days with the last bit of OTAs.  Beyond that we'll try and come up with some other random football related news to keep you entertained.

Maiocco: A look at the 49ers receivers
Maiocco has repeatedly state that this group of wide receivers is the "deepest" the 49ers have ever been at wideout. Not the best group of receivers, but the deepest. Certainly an interesting thought.

Sporting News: 49ers this year's Cardinals?
Whether you believe in this or not, I'd imagine we'll hear this comparison quite a bit this offseason. It's really an easy column to pump out in the offseason.

LA Times: and NBC to form partnership
Florio is a sort of love/hate kind of guy. Just within our network of football sites you'll hear an assortment of opinions all along the spectrum.

NFL Live Chat - Mike Martz
Martz had plenty to say about everything. I'm certainly curious to see if he lands another job anytime soon. Patriots can be king of all eras
Interesting little piece about the Patriots and their claim as team of the 2000s.