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The 2009 49ers Schedule: A Very Early Discussion Pt. IV

Alright, we are almost there: the biggest lull in sports. While baseball is entertaining throughout the summer, all we have is baseball and off-season news in other sports. Hockey is done, as is basketball (HELL YEAH LAKERS), and we are approaching the end of OTAs, where we are stuck waiting for Training Camp, and real football news, to begin.

So what's a fan to do in the meantime? Well, the one thing we do best; Speculate! Here, Fooch and I present the final part of our four-part series discussing the 2009 49ers schedule, week-by-week. Our goal, to kill some time, get excited about the season, and begin thinking about our chances of a playoff run. If you missed Part I, Part II or Part III, here is the quick recap:

2009 San Francisco 49ers Records after Week 13:
Fooch: 6-6
ProfessorBigelow: 8-4
69% of Niners Nation readers believe that that after week 13, the Niners will have 7-9 wins.

Now we enter the home stretch... Two division games, and one more significant test before the playoffs...

ProfessorBigelow: Here is where I get realistic... We can't sweep the Cards, and since I predicted we take them week 1, week 14 is a loss.

Fooch: Interesting... Road win, home loss... I on the other hand will go with the home win.

PB: Ooooh, finally you pick the win and I pick the loss!

Fooch: I'm very curious to see where the Cardinals are sitting at this point. Are they the team we saw win the division last year, the better team that made the playoff run, or more average than anything else?

PB: I'd say they are average, or a bit better, on the same level as the Niners are at least. But then again I'm not doing a week-by-week analysis of the Cards

Fooch: This is true... At this point, I think those Cards games could go either way... The Cardinals seem on the surface to have more talent, but I'm just not sold. I think the 49ers defense can contain their running game. The 49ers need Frank Gore to get things going this year, and if he can this is a game they can win.

PB: Agreed. I'm predicting a loss here because it has to fit into previous predictions I've made. I realllllllly want to pick them at home, but I'm no flip-flopper, so 8-5 it is.

Fooch: I've got ‘em 7-6 I think, right?

After the jump, the last 3 regular season games of the 2009 49ers season, through the eyes of two big football nerds that have nothing better to do with their free time :-D

PB: Yep! Into the home stretch, with our last really tough match-up, at the Eagles. As someone who has lived, in eastern PA for four years, I know that at this point in the year, the Eagles are in full swing into their nose dive. Philly fans can get irritable, and unless the eagles have 7 wins by this point in time, they could be the 12th Niner on the field if San Francisco can get this game going in the right direction.

Fooch: That is certainly a possibility. I don't think that's how it will play out, but it's certainly possible. I really like this Philly team. Losing Brian Dawkins hurts, but I REALLY like their offense in 2009.

PB: It is much, much more dangerous.

Fooch: Maclin and Jackson gives them a couple filthy playmakers. I doubt they will but imagine having both of them back returning kicks?

PB: Oof... But there is a BIG asterisk named McNabb next to that team. I just don't like him under center - I can't see the Eagles going far with him at the helm. He's slow, he's inaccurate, and he's prone to emotional swings (sometimes good for the Eagles, sometimes bad).

Fooch: I'm actually a McNabb fan. I realize he struggles with consistency at times, but I think as they continue adding weapons, it only helps him. He gets a full season of Kevin Curtis (he missed the first 6 games last season), to go with the two speedy receivers.

PB: I think I can predict our predictions... You - Eagles Win. Me - Niners Win

Fooch: Sounds about right. The 49ers played the Eagles really tough last season minus the 4th quarter. I think this, Indy and Tennessee are the 3 toughest games on the schedule.

PB: Agreed. But if I'm right, we guarantee our first winning season in a good amount of time with this win!!!

Fooch: This is true. Needless to say I'm not holding my breath :)

PB: Come on, this is the only Niner game I'm going to get to attend all season! Whatever happened to being an optimist?

Fooch: Optimistic realist... or realistic optimist? :) So I've got them at 7-7 and you've got ‘em at 9-5?

PB: Indeed. Going into something we can't disagree about; Home vs the Lions

Fooch: I've got a bad feeling about that game! Just kidding :)

PB: Do we really even need to discuss this, or will people at the Pride of Detroit get too pissed and troll our site?

Fooch: I don't think they'll get pissed.... but I find myself curious about the Lions. Stafford has a lot of growing to do, but I really like some of the other offensive weapons they added. Pettigrew could be a very solid tight end and I like the Derrick Williams pick (WR, Penn State). I still think the 49ers win, but I think the Lions could sneak up on some folks this year

PB: They aren't going 0-16 again, I'll put money on that. The team that loses that first game to them will be piiiiiiised off, but it won't be the Niners.

Fooch: Let's hope not. :) But I do think the Lions are going in the right direction.

PB: Mm hmm, agreed. I mean, all they can do is get better unless you can go -1 and 17.

Fooch: This is true

PB: Like someone on this site suggested the Rams would do... And what do you know, week 17 we play the Rams; How's THAT for a segway???

Fooch: well played indeed :) I do think this is a game the 49ers win to complete a 4-2 divisional record. This is a game that is always a nice win, but could be the win that propels this team into the playoffs. This W puts them at 9-7 in my book, which might or might not be what they need

PB: By now, the Rams will be BEGGING for the golf course, and Spagnolo will be glad to have a whole off-season to fill the holes in the Rams. Niners win this game, end the season with a 3 game winning streak... and an 11-5 record? Wow, I might need to revisit some of these picks... haha

Fooch: Not allowed to at this point :)

PB: Damn

Fooch: But that's why it's the crazy early discussion!

PB: True. Nice discussion: let's do this again sometime

Fooch: I'm down for that...