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2009 Roster Projections: Linebackers

I was originally going to break up the linebackers by inside and outside.  However, I realize there are cross-over issues on the bubble and it should hopefully generate a little more discussion looking at all the linebackers combined together.  The 49ers linebackers are all over the place ranging from the freakishly awesome (Bamm Bamm), to the up and coming youngster (Parys Haralson), to the potential first round bust running out of opportunities (Manny Lawson) to the old veterans (Jeff Ulbrich and Takeo Spikes).  So, we continue our 2009 roster projections, having already addressed safeties, wide receivers, cornerbacks, offensive line, running backs, defensive line, and quarterbacks.

Patrick Willis, Takeo Spikes, Manny Lawson, Parys Haralson, Jeff Ulbrich, Scott McKillop

No Chance
Diyral Briggs, Justin Roland, Mark Washington

Ahmad Brooks, Jay Moore, Marques Harris

First off, as a reminder, a player listed as no chance simply means I see virtually no chance they'll make the 53-man roster.  Aside from numerous injuries, it just seems unlikely.  Of course they still could make the practice squad.  No guarantees obviously, but it's certainly possible.

Ahmad Brooks remains the ultimate mystery wrapped in an enigma.  Barrows is perpetually excited about Brooks given their common denominator as former Wahoos.  While we know the guys who will be making the roster, I wanted to use this post to come up with what will be the linebacker battle(s) to watch in training camp. 

As we get closer to training camp we'll have various posts on the prospective training camp battles.  For this position it's just a matter of figuring out who will be doing battle.  Will it be Barrows boy Ahmad Brooks versus my boy Jay Moore?  Yes you knew I was going to go there.  Will Marques Harris be competing for third down pass rush work?

I couldn't think of a poll as I'd rather people throw out the potential linebacker battles to keep an eye on.  If anybody has a thought on a specific poll, feel free to comment and I'll add it in.