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"Loved" 49ers alum Tim Rattay heading to the UFL

Ok, enough about rosters, the next season, free agents, etc. In fact, enough about the NFL COMPLETELY! I'M SICK OF IT! Ok not really, but I found this story and it is WAY too good to pass up.

I hate beginning sentences like this but... Thanks to Mike Florio at for finding this (grrrrrrrr); According to our "beloved" alumni Tim Rattay's Twitter page, Tim will be joining the UFL next season. He announced the move in this < 140 character message to his "Ratt Pack":

The big news: I worked out for the UFL. Coaches aren't allowed to reveal players yet, but you can bet on seeing me Thursday nights on VS tv!

Apparently the move is all set, since he continues to discuss how totally awesome the UFL is going to be:

The UFL is really starting to blossom. I love it!

and how busy he is talking with UFL teams and scouts:

Off to the airport. Gonna be in the air for most of the day. Zroom!

Oh... and he wan'ts people to know that it's not his fault he didn't have a great career in SF:

Ppl point to 2004 in SF. Everyone knows how bad that team was. TEAM. No TO, no Frank Gore. Again, look at my 04 stats.

Yeah if I had Gore and Antonio Bryant and Vernon Davis(look at Eric Johnsons stats when I threw to him) = wins

So.... What do people think about this? Does this get anyone more excited about the UFL now that we have some alumni in the league? What about TIMMAY's comments about the 49ersabout 5 years after the fact? And if any of these questions don't grab you, who is the one ex-NFL player that would make it necessary to watch the UFL?