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Golden Nuggets: A new era of linkage

The tech folks here at SB Nation have been busy lately developing some new toys for your friendly bloggers.  A big chunk was re-developing the way we post stories.  However, another prominent change is in the way we put together the Golden Nuggets.

Given the wild assortment of info out there about the 49ers (and all other teams on the SBN network), one of the best options is bringing everything together here for you.  For those that are new, this is a daily feature that will continue year round.  This new software will hopefully make it easier to provide you with as many links as possible.

CB Bly arrives with swagger (

Mark Roman is going to play out his contract with the 49ers (

Union head, players discuss business (

Smarter Stats: The NFC West Draft - FO's Doug Farrar (also a contributor at Field Gulls) takes a look at the NFC West's draft through the eye of Football Outsiders (

Mike Sando mailbag from yesterday (

Ex-49er Randy Cross has charity in his heart (Mercury News)

Out come the stadium opponents (Mercury News)

Field of Schemes: Could 49ers deal blow up on Santa Clara? This is an interesting site for people who are strongly against public subsidies for professional sport stadiums (Field of

Mike Singletary's San Francisco 49ers have hills to climb (

49ers Examiner: Who is going to be the #1 receiver for Hill, Smith? (

Ask the experts: Who has more talent, the Raiders or 49ers? (