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Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree can be fashion buddies

I may come up with another post today, but for now, this very random post will be here to keep you entertained.  I definitely think it's sufficiently out there.

After getting drafted, one of the big talking points surrounding Michael Crabtree was his passion for fashion.  I definitely thought it was interesting when he told Mike Singletary about that passion.  Well, looks like we have more than one budding fashionista on the team.

I received an email recently from the folks at Honey Magazine, a magazine that seems to deal with fashion and entertainment, among other things.  They recently had an interview with 49ers tight end Vernon Davis that covered an assortment of fashion-related topics.  We get to hear the designers he thinks are overrated and underrated. I do agree that if you rock some Ferragamo loafers you can look very sharp:

Honey Magazine: Most underrated/overrated designers?
Vernon Davis: Dolce, Gucci and Louis Vuitton make excellent accessories and leather goods, but it’s usually hit or miss with me. I'll contradict myself here, but I got a chance to preview Gucci's menswear Fall ‘09 and woooo!  An underrated designer, in my opinion is Salvatore Ferragamo the classic loafers and dress shirts mixed with their trenches is dope.

We might even see him following in the footsteps of hockey player Sean Avery:

Do you see yourself diving deeper into fashion, joining a fashion house or interning like Kanye?
I think if the right opportunity presents itself I definitely could see my diving deeper in.  Maybe if I was to intern at a major fashion publication like GQ or Men's Vogue. Also I wouldn’t shy from getting my own clothing line or becoming the face of a line. I’ve considered becoming an interior decorator full time once my football career is over.

And of course there's the usual question about teammates:

Do you get any grief from your fellow teammates for being into fashion?
Sometimes [I do], because they can't see themselves wearing a lot of the stuff I wear. They think it's too different: jeans that are a tailored to my body, Swarovski crystals on the back of my jeans, the color combinations I choose and some of the sneakers that I decide to wear. I once wore a blazer that was made out of Godiva wrappers that this young designer asked me to wear. I thought it was extremely different, but that's just the lane I'm in — separate from everyone else.

Feel free to head on over to read the rest of the interview.  Whether you're into fashion or not, it's always interesting to see what interests these guys off the field.  Of course it can also be tough to view them as quite so intimidating after learning:

When is a murse appropriate? Do you carry one?
Yes, I carry one only when I am going to the beach, pool party or outdoor event.

And yes, a murse is a man purse.  I'm certainly glad Vernon Davis is comfortable with that.