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Story Ideas Open Thread

We sit now approximately 38 days from the opening of training camp.  That's a lot of time to keep people discussing our favorite team.  We've got some story ideas lined up, but I wanted to open the floor and see if anybody had anything specific they would like to see discussed.

As of now, the plan going forward feature-wise includes continued Year-by-Year posts by howtheyscored and our weekly NFC West blogger posts position-by-position.  Aside from that, ProfessorBigelow will have features on our other rookies and the release of all official Madden rankings.  I'll be putting together an initial 53-man roster projection, a practice squad projection (as much value as there is in that) and we'll take a look at the training camp roster battles as well.

However, I know there is more to discuss about the 49ers.  Given that the strength of this site is the community spirit, I'd like to hear what else you guys want to discuss.  Obviously you can create your own FanPosts, but maybe there's a subject you find interesting but you don't have time to do the research on it.  We'd be happy to pick up the ball and come up with some input.  If you have a specific statistical topic you'd like Florida Danny to take a crack at, post it here and we'll see what he can come up with.  Let's hear what interests you before training camp takes over our world.