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I feel so betrayed... Tim Rattay's Twitter Account is a Fake

Well, I consider it a lesson learned. This is what I get for treating Twitter like the CNN news feed.

I was perusing some of my favorite Twitter accounts (including 49erLou's) when I decided to check back in on Tim Rattay's, see if he had any UFL updates. Much to my surprise, no UFL news. Instead, I was greeted with this, in two separate tweets:

I'm not the real Tim Rattay. I'm sorry to those who I fooled. Tim is a great QB who has posted good numbers and he deserves a chance to make

it in the football world. I never thought the media would pick up my tweets like they did. I apologize to Tim, the UFL and the fans.

I should have realized it when he failed to show up on the UFL draft list. I apologize to you Nation for being a blind, dummy fool, and to the real Tim Rattay, wherever you are, for any potentially scathing/sarcastic comments I may have made in your direction.

To make it up to you, the fans, and to Tim, I found the NFL Primetime (remember that??) highlights of Rattay's first NFL start, November 2nd, 2003 vs. the St. Louis Rams. Back in the day where He-Who-Shal-Not-Be-Named was head coach of the 49ers, Martz was HC of the Rams, Tim had a few TD's, one to Brandon Lloyd (absolutely gorgeous), one to Tai Streets (nice concentration) and one to some guy wearing number 81 named... named... oh I can't remember, just watch the clip yourself.