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Where in the world is Niners Nation?

A few sites (Turf Show Times is where I got my inspiration) have been coming up with maps of where people are posting.  Basically, we take your zip code or city and post a little marker on a Google Map that we'll later add to this post.  In looking at our sitemeter info I know that we've got people reading this site from all over the world.  Earlier this morning we had a first time poster from Mexico City join the fray in the JTO thread.  Welcome MX49er.

So, let us know where you're at and we'll develop the map.  I'll start off.  94109.  Downtown San Francisco.  I'm especially curious how far outside of California 49ers fandom reaches.  And even if somebody posts the same zip code as you, post anyways and we can see where readers/commenters are concentrated.

Fooch's Update #2: I've updated the map through these3words.  Keep on posting your zip codes or cities.  At some point today or later this weekend I'll move this back to the top, or at least post a front page FanShot to it.

View Niners Nation in a larger map