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Madden "10": Your 2009 Madden 49ers


Fooch's Note: ProfessorBigelow put this together, but computer issues have precluded him from getting it posted.  Due to some html issues I've had to make a couple adjustments. I moved more of it after the jump so we don't move our Know Thy Enemy post down too far. 

Well, the time has come. The time that many of you have been waiting for. Today, EA sports, in conjunction with, has released the complete roster rankings of the San Francisco 49ers in the most recent iteration of the Madden football franchise; Madden 10. After the jump, I've included a few interesting players to note.  In the meantime here's a link to the whole roster.

First, let's see how EA sees our QB controversy - Shaun Hill vs Alex Smith:

Name Team Position Overall Speed Acceleration Strength Agility
13 S. Hill SFO QB 69 69 60 51 62
11 A. Smith SFO QB 67 70 74 56 73
Name Awareness Stamina Toughness Injury Throwing Power Throwing Accuracy Carrying
13 S. Hill 73 88 85 88 83 75 41
11 A. Smith 68 94 92 88 84 74 65

If you ask me, its strange how Shaun Hill has a higher overall average, yet he only has one stat better than Alex Smith (Throwing Accuracy)...

Due to those silly, silly HTML problems, I'm just going to include a link right here to the full list of rankings, and let you guys check out the rest. I'll highlight a few areas you should pay particular attention to...

  • Crabtree is ranked as the number 1 receiver, seemingly by a lot. Is he BY FAR the best WR on the team?
  • Crabtree the strongest WR? Even stronger than VD and Bear? Really?
  • Patrick Willis - So Dirty. Discuss...
  • Frank Gore - So Dirty. Discuss...
  • Andy Lee - So Dirty. Discuss...
  • 49ers Offensive Line - Underrated, or Accurate?