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Golden Nuggets: Back... for good this time.

Good morning all, James here checking in for your Nuggets. Yes, you heard (read) that correctly, I'm back, not that any of you particularly noticed but I've been gone for a good while, and the days I was here were... spotty at best. Suffice to say I'm back now, taking full reign of the Nuggets again. Let me start off however, saying that I'm completely out of the loop as far as 49ers news goes these days as I've been very busy, so if I post a few links you've already been exposed to cut me a bit of slack here! I figure by tomorrow I'll be back in the swing of things. That being said, I SHOULD have some stuff for you, so without further stalling, on to the links.

Oi! Have you went ahead and added yourself to the Niners Nation Fan Map thing of sorts?! I haven't either, but its pretty cool so (having just heard of it) I'm gonna go do it myself right after posting this. You DO want to be cool, don't you? (

So what's going on at offensive tackle? LT seems certain, but what of the right side? Will it be Boone or Smith? Personally, I'm rooting Boone. I mean come on, the guy jumps on cars... (real answer has something to do with Marvel Smith being injury prone or something less interesting than drunken car-leaping.) (

A breakdown of one of the teams the 49ers are playing this season... and oh wait, every season prior and in the forseeable future. Its a breakdown of the Arizona Cardinals. (

Alex Smith feels as though his arm feels as good as it can. This is good news, even if I'm not even near supporting the kid as the starting QB at this point. (

Near Misses with the 49ers signings. I'm sure glad some of these guys are still getting their chance. I personally still believe in Manny Lawson--quite a bit, in fact. (

A few Q&As with DL Ricky Jean-Francois.. I really like the kid, somehow I feel like he'll be good in the NFL. We'll see if I'm right, I suppose. (

Do you think the 49ers are going to add any more players this offseason? This article (and this link-poster) says no. (

Semi-sick of Vernon Davis talk... I think maybe its because I don't have any faith in him anymore? We'll see. Perhaps I should start making little Pascoe flags... (

Who on the 49ers is eligible for the practice squad? I sincerely hope not... well, yep, they're eligible. And if you don't know what two players I'm talking about then you obviously never read my rants in my links. (

Manny's Law. Enough said. (

So who will be the top fantasy WR for San Francisco? Personally, I have no idea, but I'm suspecting Josh Morgan. (