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Niners Nation All-Time team redux?

Last year (and early into this year) we put together a Niners Nation All-Time 49ers team for every position on the field.  In putting together that roster, the vote tallies never rose to more than 350-400 voters on a given position.  Certainly a good turn-out, but we can definitely do better now.

So, I'm thinking that we could re-open the ballots for many of these positions and start from scratch for many of them.  After a mere 377 votes, John Taylor edged out Terrell Owens by only 25 votes.  If we were able to at least double that vote total, who knows what would happen.  I realize this is basically recycling old posts, but I think it could generate some new discussion.  Additionally, for the most part I don't expect to use the voting piece as the primary post of the day.  It will be something to suppliment our normal posting.

I wanted to post this intro post just to see if there are any changes worth making heading into the new balloting, and also if folks have a major problem with doing something like this.  A lot of our current readers were not around last offseason so they never had the opportunity for this kind of vote.  If you click on the above link you'll be able to go through all the positions.  Some positions were automatics (#1 WR: Rice, #1 S: Lott) but we had a lot of interesting contentious battles.  I also might add in a body or two to certain positions if folks are down for that.