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Caption This: Samurai/Bamm Bamm Winner, and the Next Round

There you have it folks... I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of surprised that caption won, but we live in a democracy here folks - you picked it. Internet kudos go to tanos135 for coming up with the caption, well done good sir!

And of course, now we need a new picture to caption. Since the beginning of the recent-history of Caption This, we have been using recent pictures of the 49ers; from OTA's, press conferences, etc. I thought an interesting wrinkle to this section would be to look at some older, more recognizable pictures... And what a better place to start than my favorite 49er picture of all time.

Remember, post your best caption in the comments below, and chose your favorites by clicking Actions, then Rec. The captions with the most Rec's will enter the final voting round, some time next week...