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Golden Nuggets: Praise to Smith?

Morning, morning folks, James here two days in a row! Kudos to the folks who commented and acknowledged that I was either back, missing, or even here to begin with. That being said, I don't have a lot for you in the ways of links. At first glance its scarce. I'm getting these up a bit late, so I'll post the entry with what I have on-hand, and then in the next hour I'll do a deeper search across the internet for something I may have missed and update accordingly. As always if you've got a link I (very likely) have missed, go ahead and post it in the comments. If you cant do that, well you're either really selfish or you're not logged in! Go ahead and click on register and get posting. Now, on to the links...

Lineman Tony Wragge finishes his "broadcasting bootcamp." If you missed the first two parts you can find them here and here. (

Alex Smtih may need... praise? An interesting, yet valid way to look at it. (

In case you have missed it, the above article is referincing an article Barrows wrote yesterday, which was in the links accordingly, but here it is again. (

Maiocco addresses two questions dealing with the Nolan era and the decision making process of the 49ers front office. (

That's all for this particular hour or so.