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Golden Nuggets: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida...

Gooood morning folks, James here with the Nuggets for the day. Checking in ON TIME and for the third day in a row, I'm on a roll I must say... Though it is mostly because I have a new alarm set on my phone that in-sis-ted that I get on and put together a link post for you all. You may thank Slayer for your links today as their rendition of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" served admirably in being both loud and insitant, worked wonders at keeping me from my sleep. Now that I've managed to stall for a good four lines or so, we'll get on to Niners News. I've got a few links for you, not a lot but then again a link is a link. I'll see if I cant update it but we know how well that went yesterday. (I didn't update yesterday.) Anyway, here's some links for you to read. Enjoy them.

Once again, I implore you to head to the "Where in the world is Niners Nation" post and let us know where you're from. Its... fun. (

Its odd, I was just thinking about Aubrayo Franklin today, I was under the impression that he wasn't good--but hey, the players and this blogger seem to like him. Good enough for you? (

Tarell Brown (my favorite corner on the team FYI) is hosting his second football camp for his community. Interesting read, regardless of being news-worthy or not. (

An in depth look at the DL from Barrows. (

Training camp dates for the 49ers are now set. (

Here's a 49ers team report from Yahoo Sports. Always a good read, those team reports. I love 'em. (