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Golden Nuggets: Haste

Good morning everyone, not a lot of links today but I've got a few. Apologies for not getting the links up sooner but I've been pretty busy and right now I'm in kind of a hurry, so this introduction is going to be short. As always, post any links if you've got 'em.

Safety first. I felt that we needed a safety first and foremost in the offseason, as I am NOT a supporter of Dashon Goldson. I just don't see if there. But hey, maybe he'll work out. (

Here's a story about Alex Smith and how he dealt with the death of his best friend. Not really news, but ya know. (

A look at the 49ers' "If's." (

In case you missed it yesterday, an interesting article about Jed York and his blossoming into the 49ers' owner. (