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Golden Nuggets: A heavy dose of Joe Staley

Just when things had quieted down, the 49ers went and signed Joe Staley to a long term deal.  That is certainly good for quite a few headlines.  I don't have all of them here because they start to repeat themselves.  It's primarily his conference call info and the contract info.  Either way, thanks again to the 49ers for giving us some link fodder.

Joe Staley signs contract extension with 49ers through 2017 (Niners Nation)

Niners give 6-year extension to OT Joe Staley (

Staley’s Nine-Year Deal Will Eventually Look Like A Bad One (Pro Football Talk)

Sando Mailbag: Dead period? Not on this June day (

Ostler: Niners heed the call of Santa Clara (

49ers move quickly to gather stadium supporters (

2009 NFL Videos Coach Feature: Mike Singletary (

NFLPA settles lawsuit with retired players (

SF Chronicle layoff, buyout list - Nancy Gay of the Chronicle recently signed a deal to write for FanHouse (San Francisco Peninsula Press Club)