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Hopefully this ends Michael Vick to the 49ers discussion

Given how antsy folks can get in the offseason, it's no surprise that Michael Vick was on the radar for many 49ers fans.  The team has QB issues, he's the "sexy" topic of the offseason, it makes sense.  I've never bought into it, but plenty of people have enjoyed discussing it.

Hopefully, Matt Barrows post today will end any realistic discussion of Vick donning a 49ers uniform anytime soon.  Barrows posted some comments Scot McCloughan made on Sirius NFL Radio this morning:

Host, Jim Miller: "Two lightning rods this off-season are Brett Favre and Michael Vick. Any discussions on the potential - there have been whispers out there - that possibly San Francisco could be a landing spot for Michael Vick?"

Scot McCloughan: "Well, I think what happens there, and I totally respect it, is people understand who Mike Singletary is and understand that he has no problem giving guys second chances. Coach and I have sat down. We sat down and talked last week. We had an off-week of OTAs and we discussed about Michael Vick and we're not going to go that route. We will not do it."

Host, Adam Schein: "So Michael Vick is not on the radar for the 49ers?"

McCloughan: "Correct."

I'd imagine still might pine over the guy, but hopefully it's finally safe to say, this is just not gonna happen.  Nobody will ever say "never ever," but saying, "We will not do it" seems about as close as you can get.