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Golden Nuggets: Still All For Hill

Good morning again everyone, James here with your Nuggets. Truly into no mans land as far as news goes these days, I'm thinking its going to be like this for the next month or so, so bare with me, yeah? As the news becomes scarce my introductions will be either more boring or simply shorter. Today I am once again in a hurry so I'll be getting right to the links, enjoy.

Barrows takes a look at the inside linebackers currently on the roster. (

More on Alex Smith and the death of his friend. (

How do you feel about the 49ers quarterback situation? Singletary is confident it seems in either choice--Shaun Hill or Alex Smith. Personally, I'm all for Hill. (

This is a huge question mark for me--How will Michael Crabtree do in his rookie year? Will it be a breakout season? (